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Whether you are looking for private consulting or public speaking, I approach your goals with respect and compassion.

Individual & Family Consulting

I help individuals & families to:

  • Identify current & changing care needs

  • Facilitate conversations between family members

  • Create and implement care plans

  • Explore retirement homes & long term care homes

  • Coach professionals with aging clients 

  • Facilitate sensitive conversations within teams

  • Prepare for changing priorities & care needs

  • Anticipate & budget for care costs 

Professional Liaising

To support my clients' medical & financial teams, I: 

  • Address relevant medical, legal & financial topics 

  • Support professional development

  • Share cross-generational concerns & stories

  • Strengthen engagement with clients

Keynote & Corporate Speaking

By speaking at special events, I: 

I offer client services and corporate support online.


Not sure how to get started? Let's chat. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation, send me an email, or leave me a message below. 

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